90 years of wedding bliss

Great to have this story from the metro, of 90 years of wedding bliss – wow isn’t that some achievement 

He added: ‘I am also proud of the my whole for family for helping us keep my parents in such good health. It is a blessing to have them still around and to have them still telling me what to do.’


Karam, who turned 110 on November 10, while Kartari, who turned 103 on November 1, opened a new Westfield shopping centre, The Broadway, in honour of their achievement last month.


Karam (left) and Kartari Chand (seated), aged 110 and 103 respectively, celebrate their 90th wedding anniversary with their family at home in Bradford. From left: Grandson Mandeep Chand, son Paul Chand and his wife Rani and granddaughter Manpreet Chand (Picture: Guzelian)


Paul said: ‘To be aged 110 and to be so healthy is a huge milestone for anyone…We are still trying to come up with names for what you would call a 90th anniversary, as it is such an achievement.’





It really is amazing that a couple has got to been married for 90 years – you really have to say that you hope that they can make it to the 100 year anniversary.

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